Friday, December 24, 2004

Waiting for Christmas

Sitting alone in bed. In the darkness that has held the night. Waiting. Christmas is upon the day, yet it is still too early. Parents still slumber, and the fear that Santa may not have yet come is real. If you are awake, will he come? He has to have already been. Santa knows kids wake up early in anticipation of the big event. You move to get out of bed. Will the parents hear? Will they know? Will Santa magically make the presents vanish when you go downstairs before it is time?

It is best not to think on this. The parents will awaken soon. And when then do... Maybe you should go to the restroom? You can sneak down the stairs a little on the way. Or maybe you need a glass of water. How about that? And then just peak in on the living room full of presents. No one will know.

Well, it's best not to. That time will be here after another few minutes. The clock is ticking away. Don't be afraid to wait. Watch some TV. Play a game on your GameBoy. Read some. Don't be too anxious. You've already made it that far.

OK, bathroom. On the way back you stop and turn to look at the stairs. Right down them and around the hall and you can see it. Take a step towards the room. One foot touches the top step. NO! Back to bed you go.

You lay down. Closing your eyes and trying to sleep is not helping. Time slows down as you wait, and wait, and wait. When will it come? It must come! You look at the clock, and it has only been five minutes. Please, just arrive already. Time. Time.

Wait, is that someone moving downstairs? Yes, they are moving around. They must be up. You run to your door and open it, looking down at the face looking up.

"Not yet," they say.

You sit in your bed, waiting for the time. It is coming. It is coming. What is taking them so long? Making coffee, and putting on the album. The stupid Christmas album you've hated for every year. Why put it on. You are finally allowed out of your room. You can sit on the steps. You hear them moving around. You want to come down. Please?

Finally, you are allowed down the steps, you walk to the room, being held off from the gratification forever. It's torturous. Please, please. You turn the corner and look in, and there are presents everywhere. More than you have ever seen before.

Christmas has come.


Blogger Lena said...

When I was younger, I used to be so anxious Christmas Eve. I thought that would go away as I got older...I'm worse now than I was 10 years ago.

11:32 AM  

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