Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Happy Fun Story 2

One day, there was a boy and a girl. The girl loved the boy very much. As did the boy love the girl. So, they decided to do what any boy and girl who fall in love do.

But this was the girl's first time. And the boy had only done it once before, so he was still pretty nervous.

"I wish Trojan Man would come to help us out," the boy said.

"Silly, he's not real," the girl said.

So the boy sighed and removed his shirt. The girl laughed at his skinny body as she pulled her own shirt over her head. He smiled as she unclasped her bra and let loose her wonderous orbs of flesh.

"Fun!" the boy said.

"Yes it is," said the girl.

The boy fell on the girl, ready to have fun. He pulled his pants off and she did hers. They were now ready to do what people in love do.
So, they did it. He entered her like a happy ducky. A submarine entering happy caverns of love. Happy, pink caverns of love. Which erupted like a volcano. And the submarine shot it's missles into the cave in response.

Finished, the boy flopped beside the girl. He was happy, and she was happy, because they had done what every good boy and girl in love are supposed to do.

"That was great," the boy said, obviously feeling good.

"Yes," the girl said, "Although I did not seem to enjoy it that much."

The boy smiled, for they had done the thing all boys and girls in love did, and that was all that mattered.


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