Monday, December 13, 2004

The Champions

They stood tall and proud. Two titans of their age. In the middle of the ring they watched, stared at each other. No one else mattered during those minutes. No one else existed in the world. The two monsters began to circle, studying every move, looking for any weakness, any opening. Neither found any. They were the perfect specimens, at the top of their game. And the winner here would truly be the greatest in the world.

The first step is taken. It gets matched. Moving closer, step by step, the gladiators find each other. The war begins. A battle beyond any and all description. The fought hard and bravely. Each one giving no quarter. Neither faltered. They stood strong. The fought bravely. As the minutes ticked by, they began to feel the exhaustion setting in. The goliaths pounded and pounded, running on fumes. Their adrenalin all used up. Legs weakened. Arms tired.

One wild swing, and it spelled doom. The opponent took advantage. One slip up, one mistake, was all it took. The opponent closed in for the kill. The predator hunting his prey. One quick burst of strength and it was over.

There was one champion standing proud that day. He was no longer one of only two men in the world. Now, there was a crowd around him. Cheering. He smiled, victorious and soaking in the experience, the energy. Adrenalin flowed back into strained muscles. The other man was forgotten. He was no longer a champion. There was only one man left now, and he was a king. He stood tall and proud, knowing his time was limited. There would always be a bigger dog to knock him off of that mountain top. But for now, it was his.


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