Sunday, December 12, 2004

Happy Fun Story 1

One day, two boys and three girls were walking down the street. They were happy, as happy as people could ever possibly be. But there was something dark brewing beneath their happiness. They would have to cross the street!

"Oh no," the first boy said, "We will have to cross this dangerous street."

"Indeed," the second boy said, "the street is dangerous. There are fast moving cars which could kill us in an instant."

"But if we stay safe," the first girls said, "And follow all safetly rules."

"We can cross the street safely," the second girl said.

"Yes," the third girl said, "Safety is the key."

So the group of five friends first looked right, then left, and then right. But there were cars coming. That meant they could not cross. So they waited while the cars drove on. And more cars came and drove on the street. The first boy grew imaptient.

"We can make it if we run between the cars," he said.

"No," the second girl said, "If we do that we are not being safe. And not being safe leads to being dead."

But the boy would not listen. And he started runnig across the street. He almost got hit by a few cars on his way over, but eventually made it to the other side. He turned around and started waving to the crew across the street. But they would not cross, for there were cars still coming...

Seventy years later the man was now walking down the street to that corner. There, four elderly people stood, waiting for the cars to stop coming so that they could cross the street. He laughed as he crossed the street, weaving in and out of the cars on the street.

Some people need to learn to take chances
, he thought.


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I liked this story the best.

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