Sunday, December 12, 2004

More Blogs

More blogs are the greatest thing in the world. Because that means I have more places to ignore and not do anything. Well, mainly, I just wanted to be able to post comments on others' blogs and have my name. Still, cool either way.

Now, a story

When a man loves a woman they can get together and make these things called "babies". These babies grow up to become another man or woman. Then, they repeat again and again making the circle of life. But this is not alwas the case.

Sometimes, the man or woman becomes "gay", and not happy, but instead only can not make babies by coupling with their soulmate. This is different but still OK.

So one day, the "gay" and the "straight" were walking down the street. The one knew that he might have a chance to reproduce and continue the circle of life, the other was thinking about trying addoption. A bus drove up over the sidewalk and hit them, killing them both.

The End.


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