Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Dead Deal

The man was dead. The gun sat in his hand, as he looked down at the dead body who had once been his friend. A split second and a little pressure changed all of that. The shot had been sudden,loud. The effects were sudden and violent. The man fell to the floor, blood pouring from the wound and life quickly fading away. He could not help but think of how it came to this.

It had been several days since he found out. His own friend had cheated him. They entered a business idea together, and somehow while he had would up losing the money, his friend had gained $200,000. The anger had boiled over as his friend kept getting harder and harder to get in touch with. The gun he had for several years, but it was the first time he had pulled it out of it's case. The anger was boiling, his face turning red. And he knew he would get revenge.

A quick phone call and a meeting was set. He knew he was going to do it. And now, the deed was done. There was no turning back.

The gun had been louder than he thought, so loud. He knew someone had to have heard. And someway the police would find out and be coming. But he was frozen in his place, staring at the body. There was so much blood. His once friend was dead. He tried to move, the gun fell from his hand. It clacked against the pavement and came to rest on its side. Disarmed, he turned to go. Then, the sirens started ringing in his ears.

The police arrived fast. Cars pulled into the alleyway and men in blue uniforms exited the sides. Guns were drawn and pointed at him. He reached down to pick up his gun, wanting to get out. He never had the chance. The tackle drove him to the ground, his hands locked behind his back. He would not get an easy way out. Instead, he would live a long life still, where everyday he would think of nothing but of this day, and the mistakes made...


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