Friday, December 17, 2004

Secret origin of TheLewisShow!

One day, Mikey was in his secret lair, deciding on what possible course of action to take in his plans to conquer the world. He had tried every day, for days on end, all without success. But each day brought the hope that this day would be the day he would finally rule the world. And thus he worked tirelessly on and on. This day was no different, with the new plan being to build a giant robot to destroy cities with until the leaders of the world all surrendered. His plan would be a good one, he could tell this time. He would succeed!

"Vel," he said, calling his lovely assistant into the control room for his underground lair.

She walked into the room, carrying two large cups full of soda into the room with her. He only enjoyed drinking his sodas, as he felt they stimulated his brain for his world conquering dreams. Dreams which would become a reality. And he would finally get his assistant to fall in love with him and they would get married. It was all planned out.

"Tonight Vel," he said, "we take over the world!"

He sipped on his drink, looking over his paperwork. It was all perfect. Everything would work exactly as he thought it would. He reached over and pressed the large red button on his control panel. No, not that red button, the other one. Yeah, the one which caused the front wall of the room to slide to the side, revealing the hangar on the other side, with the giant robot in it.

"And then what?" she said.

"I... rule the world?"

"And then?"

"Then... then nothing. I rule the world."

"But, isn't there something else we can do?"

"Uh- um- uh... Let's go!"

He stood up and walked around the control panel and into the hangar. She followed closely behind him, muttering under her breath.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Nothing, just nothing."


"Well, I was kind of hoping that you would say that after we take over the world, that we would, you know, get married."

"Get... married? You mean, you want to marry me?"

"Well, of course, I do love you."

"You do? Well, why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Because I didn't think you loved me back. You were always so interested in taking over the world."

"I was interested? I only wanted to take over the world in order for you to fall in love with me. I always thought you wanted a strong man. Someone who could, you know, rule the world. I thought you needed to be given the world."

"No, silly. I only was here because of you."

"Well, then why are we trying to take over the world?"

"I don't know."

"Hmmm. Vel, marry me?"

"Of course."

And so the two turned around and went back into the secret lair. He looked around as he pushed the red button. No, the one he had already pushed, which caused the wall to slide back into place. He looked around the lab, knowing that he would not need anything in it now.

"I guess I'll need a new job then," he said.

He flipped the first light switch, moving down the line, turning off each one. The rooms in the laboratory darkened as he reached the last light switch, with the stairs leading out right beside it. He turned to look around in the darkened lab. He was slightly sad to see the whole idea go away. He did have fun trying to take over the world. But he had made his choice, and he would live with it now.

"I must become a new man to make this work," he said. "And with being a new man I will need a new name. I can no longer be known as Mikey. From now on, I must be something new, something normal. I must pick a name that will allow me to fit in with normal life. I shall be... TheLewisShow!"

With that, he switched off the light, and headed up the stairs after his new fiance. The lab sat silent, hoping one day he would return to finish his work.


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