Thursday, December 16, 2004

Super Happy Fun Story 3!

He felt sick. He knew he should not have been drinking so much but he did so anyway. And thus was born the vomit. He was sick.

Drinking is fun. But all good little boys and girls should never drink too much. If they do, they will get sick. And that is never fun.

This was not fun. He hugged the toilet. He was going to expel the contents of his stomach. He could feel the chicken he had for dinner. There was that snack he ate in the middle of the day. And there were the thirty beers he had drank.

Drinking thirty beers is fun. Passing thirty beers back up is not as fun. He vomited once. The contents of his stomach spilling into the bowl. Being sick was not fun. He was not having any fun at all.

He promised to never drink again if he could stop this vomiting. He vomited again. Sick, he felt horrible. His head pounded and he slipped off of the bowl and smacked his face on the floor tiles. Vomit covered his mouth.

This was not fun at all.

Maybe it should be more fun.

He got back up, and an egg popped out of his mouth. The egg floated in the bowl, cracking and busting open. The baby dragon jumped out of the egg shell and sat on the bowl. It growled at him, then spit flame out of its mouth. He jumped back, scared and started trying to run. He slipped and smacked his head on the floor.

The dragon began to grow. It got larger and larger, smashing through the ceiling and destroying the house He turned around to look up at the giant creature. The dragon looked down, opened its mouth, and incinerated the man. It then scooped up his carcass into its mouth and ate him in one gulp.

Lesson: Never drink unless you can handle your alcohol.


Blogger Lena said...

This story reminds me of the time I got Chinese food, food poisoning.

Two things were happening then: vomitting and pain.

2:14 PM  

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