Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Super Happy Fun Story #4!

Everyone knows it is not fun to be a bastard. The parents knew that. And they wanted their kid to be happy and fun. So they knew what they needed to do.

Responsible, good parents make sure that they are married when they have children. This thought occurred to the couple when they found out. He had gotten her pregnant, the test said so. And they knew they could not dare let their child be born a bastard. That would just be wrong, and being wrong is for bad people. So, they knew what they had to do. They had to get married.

Happy people needing to get married always have to go to the happiest place on the Earth. So, they drove out west. Way out west to the fun city known as Las Vegas! They got to the City of Fun and drove up to a drive through marriage place. Vows were exchanged, and they were married.

This happy, young couple returned home and in a few short months were super happy with the birth of their daughter. Of course, when their parents found out what they had done, they were not very happy. And when they got kicked out of her mother's house and had to quit school to work full time in order to afford a place to live neither was the most happy. And as they aged and took out their aggression on each other neither of them were very happy. And their daughter, growing up in this home of hostility began to become withdrawn, those were not the best of times. But at least they were married, and their daughter was not a bastard. And that is all that really matters.

...Is it just me or have these gotten less and less fun with each story? I promise something new that's not just making fun of someone or something. Promise!


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