Tuesday, February 02, 2010

From π to Zack and Miri: Part 6: 24 Season 1 2:00AM-3:00AM

This episode marks the first time Jack yells out "Who are you working for?" Apart from that, the intrigue into the possible assassination of David "Curveball, bats are afraid" Palmer and the abduction of Kim continue on.

Pierce is searching for Palmer. He also has to keep the rest of the Palmer family in the suite, when David's son Keith tries to leave. We learn that Gaines wants Kim for some nefarious plot, which I will get to later. Jack interrogates Nina, but learns that the key card accessed her computer the week that Jack was sleeping with her out of town, so having sex cleared Nina. Palmer delivers a PSA to some hoodlums about rising up out of the gutter and becoming men. "Join the Unit." Kim attempts an escape with cracked up, broken armed, roofied Janet which leads to Janet getting hit by a car. And Mandy's girlfriend gets killed when she shows up without the ID and wants another million dollars for it. Again, why not bring the ID in the first place? Why give it to someone else to bring when you had it yourself, Mandy?

OK, so Gaines wants to kidnap Kim. So, his idea is to get two guys who Kim does not know, have one of those guys have sex with her friend Janet and then convince her to bring a friend along to the furniture store. First, Dan has to sleep with Janet. Then, he has to know she would bring Kim. But it's not like he can say "If you have any friends named Kim Bauer bring them along with you." And we have been told Kim has never met these guys before. So, this is a lot of work and luck to kidnap her and get Teri riding around town with "Alan York". Why go to all of the trouble with the Yorks for this? Why not just grab Kim and Teri at home while they are asleep and defenseless?

Poor Janet: Has a broken arm and has been roofied. Gets shot up with crack. Hit by a car which drives away. Is left to die in the middle of the road.

Jack Bauer Moments: "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?" Lies to everyone at CTU. Interrogates Nina because someone accessed her computer (It's not like the computers are secure, people run back and forth across them all the time).

Kim Bauer Moments of Stupidity: Allows Janet crack, asks crack whore prostitute boy for help, asks skeevy guy in alley for help, gets prostitute boy beaten (possibly to death), gets Janet hit by a car, gets recaptured.

Body Count:

Jack: 0     Bad Guys: 1

Season Total:

Jack: 2     Bad Guys: 260



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