Tuesday, February 02, 2010

From π to Zack and Miri: Part 5: 24 Season 1 1:00AM-2:00AM

The threat on Senator David "Hats for bats" Palmer continues. Walsh, Jack's mentor character gets into trouble securing a key card with information to the conspiracy. The other agent is killed and Walsh calls to Jack for help. Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce makes his first appearance to beef up security around Palmer. Palmer has left his suite, though. Jack acquires the key card, with Walsh dying in the process, setting up the long line of characters near Jack who die. Jack then gets Jamey at CTU to start working on the key card. Jamey links the card to Nina. Is Nina bad? (Hint: she is, but not at this point in the season.) Oh, and Mandy gets naked for no real reason. She also buries the photographer's ID. Again, for no real reason other than to extend the plot out.

The plan, apparently, is her girlfriend is supposed to pick up the ID while Mandy is being driven away by Gaines, and then immediately drive it to where Gaines is driving. I guess it could be to make sure Gaines has the money, but then why have her pick it up so quick? Or why not get the money and then give Gaines the tracking device? Instead, the idea is just way too complicated.

We do get some of Jack in action in this episode, as he kills two of the men attacking Walsh. The intrigue of who is the spy withing CTU is still interesting at this point in the series, as it has not been done yet. And the fact that we bounce between all of these characters feels less like filler and more like it is building to something. Kim gets kidnapped, her first of many. But the series is still trying to find its way. Teri meets with Janet's "father" and the two head out to search for their daughters. And poor Janet gets roofied, then has her arm broken.

Jack Bauer Moments: Jack shoots two of the attackers and cuts off one of their thumbs. Jack leaves Walsh to die.

Kim Bauer Moments of Stupidity: Goes into van with the boys. She gets kidnapped. She then calls her mother when threatened and lies that she is at a party having fun.

Body Count:

Jack Bauer: 2        Bad Guys: 2

Season Total:

Jack Bauer: 2        Bad Guys: 259


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