Friday, January 09, 2009

House Season 1 Episode 4: Maternity

This episode begins by playing off of the title from two episodes ago. Personally, I thought it was too early to do that but to each their own.

Actually, we start with a newborn baby. Oh, and Sam on True Blood as the father. Unfortunately, he won't be turning into a dog here. The baby spits up, doesn't respnd to the doctor, and has a fever.

Opening titles. House has a great pimp walk in them.

House is busy watching soap operas. The doctors come in talking about the baby, and House decides to take the case.

No one believes House that there is an epidemic starting. Of course, they are all stupid, because House is always right. So, he goes hunting for more sick babies.

The Asian baby with the lesbian mommies is sick. See? Women are evil and will get you sick.

Let's check the white board. Oh, it's just sick babies on it. Care to take a guess?

House decides to start the babies on two medications, which is going to be important in a bit.

More foreshadowing about Cameron's baby. While Cuddy swabs the whole hospital.

House vs Clinic Patient #1: Patient can't lose weight. House tells her she has a parasite. She's pregnant.

The babies are going through kidney failure. House tells them to take one baby off of one medication, and one off of the other. Of course, that means one of the babies will probably die from not getting the proper medication. House gets permission from Cuddy, and the wait begins. Wilson calls Cameron Allison, since she didn't give the lesbians terrible news.

The Clinic Patient returns, trying to get her husband a DNA test by lying about her having Mono and him needing a test.

Angry Cuddy clips a tie that was hanging.

Lesbian baby dies. Because women are evil and don't deserve babies. Especially two of them. No, terrible CGI!

Wilson tells the lesbians their baby died since Cameron could not. But the other baby is also getting sicker.

House decides to do an autopsy on the dead baby to see whether there was heart damage. Virus in the hearts of the babies.So now they have to check the babies' blood for viruses. And then we test the mothers for anti-bodies of what the kids have. Whichever the mothers don't the kids do.

The babies get an anti-viral. The babies get better, but not are not out of the woods yet. House asks Foreman about Cameron. And then he sees Clinic Patient again. Her husband is the father. She's nutty happy. She wants him to do pre-natal or baby delivery. It gives House an idea. The babies are healthy now.

House confronts Cameron about her loss. She calls him a bastard and leaves.

House looks for the cause of the virus. And there she is. The old lady bringing the teddy bears for the babies is sick and coughing. And she's getting the babies sick that way. Bad CGI follows.

Oh, so House's idea? It wasn't about the babies, it was about being able to stay in the OBGYN lounge and watch his soap opera on their TV.


The nice thing with this episode is it had an actual patient die, adding that House can't save everyone. But at the same time, there never is the sense that tensions are ramped up as a result of this. Instead, the doctors remain calm, as though this is something they always go through. Except for Cuddy that is. She shows her frustrations with it. We do get tons with Wilson this episode, and Cameron's loss gets some more referencing, which will lead up to the reveal later on. Not a bad episode, although it does seem to be missing something. Mainly because of the fact that the patients are babies and thus there's not much that can be done with them storywise apart from what is done.


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