Tuesday, January 06, 2009

House Season 1 Episode 2: Paternity

And we start this episode with a fake sport. And a bad CGI shot. Oh, the kid goes down. And hey, isn't that the kid from Eurotrip? Oh no, our first child patient. Grr.

There's the opening we all know and love. With that great music.

House is hiding from Cuddy and the patients. And Wilson has come to talk to House. And we have the patient for the episode.

Wow, House is actually talking to the patient and family.

Night terror! And this is the first dream sequence of the show.

Chase references Huntington's to Foreman, which plays an important part many seasons later in the series.

House vs the Clinic patients continues. Baby coffins.

Wrong guess: MS

And the patient goes missing. Why are all of the lights out at night in the hospital? Usually they leave lights on, in case there is an emergency. Hey, there's Cuddy. And House knows where the kid is. And Chase tackles Dan.

It's not MS. So, they throw more treatments at him.

Wrong guess: syphilis

House vs Clinic patients #2. These always end up being great.

I see Cameron's cleavage. Another symptom. It's not syphilis.

House gets his DNA tests. And he continues his love of General Hospital.

And we have the winner! Dan's mother wasn't vaccinated.

Cleft chin, which the patient knew made him adopted. Oh hey, think House was smart enough to see that?

House is at the Lacrosse game? That's just weird. Even him being there with no one there is weird.

And credits. "That's some bad hat, Harry."


By the second episode, most of the cast feel much more comfortable on the show. They are more of their characters, and the chemistry between them is starting to show. Hugh Laurie, while good in the pilot, really starts to shine as House, and Wilson works much better, where he doesn't feel shoehorned in as a way to get House a patient. Cuddy is still more of an idea of an administrative foil for House than an actual character, and we really don't get more of her than that for some time. Still, a strong episode that shows why House built in popularity and became the monster of a show it did become.


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