Monday, January 05, 2009

House Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

Hey, it's Robin Tunney riding the bus. And now she's running. If I didn't know this show already, I would be wondering who this school teacher was. Oh no, she can't speak, and now she has a siezure.

...What the hell was that? That's not the opening.

And now we meet two doctors. The music is too storybook. And we don't even know who these doctors are (Wilson and House). Oh, and House pops a Vicodin (unsaid what it is).

Oh no, the first of these long CGI trips through a body.

First "Everybody lies". And who are these doctors? We're just thrown right in, no names, but there are relationships.

Who is this female doctor? (Cuddy) She must be his boss.

Oh, his name is Doctor House!

"As the Philosopher Jagger once said, you can't always get what you want."


Making fun of House not being able to run.

Oh, we know her name is Cuddy because of the name on her door. And we got told Cameron's name by a nurse, and Chase said his. I think we're still missing Foreman and Wilson.

No, not another CG trip! At least this one was quick.

And the first patient death, with Chase making the save with the tracheotomy.

House pops a Vicodin (Which we don't know it actually is.)

Bryan Singer went for too storybook in the lighting.

This is the best part of the episode. House is direct and makes fun of the patients. But he is absolutely right.

That is interesting that the real patient can only see glimpses of House.

Enough with the music.

Cameron's hair is almost pitch black in this episode. It's brown only when it hits the light just the right way.

The first time House tells someone to break into a patient's house.

Oh no, complications arise. And the patient dies again. So, they have to look for something else causing this. And Foreman agrees to do the break in, now.

House gets Vicodin. And some candy. Gives the Vicodin to himself and the candy to the patient.

Oh hey, Wilson? Now we definitely know his name. (And we find out Wilson may have been lying to get House on the case.)

And now House has figured out the winner! A tapeworm!

And now House has to visit his patient to tell her off.

And we learn about House's infarction and why he has a bum leg. I like that they threw this in there now, rather than making it a mystery throughout the season.

And the case is solved, the patient is healed.

House hired Foreman because of his juvenile delinquency, Chase because of his father, and Cameron because she's pretty. Good reasons all around.

And now we know Wilson lied to House to get the case. And House says "I never lie".

And then my favorite part of every episode: "That's some Bad Hat Harry".


And so we end the first episode of House. This is the case of a show where the premise is interesting, and has a great movie director directing the first episode, strong writers and actors working on the show, and yet it starts off rocky. The music doesn't fit, nor does the lighting. You never feel like the place is an actual hospital. None of the characters are fully formed yet. House is the closest, but even then you don't get the full sense of him that you get as time goes on. Cuddy is just the boss who tells him what to do and he ignores. She has no personality whatsoever. Wilson too is more of an idea of House's only friend than an actual person. The team is a bit more fleshed out, with us learning a bit about Foreman, and learning about Cameron more through what she says than in learning about her actual past.

Overall, a strong start to the series, if a bit rocky in places. The episode just doesn't hit like the later episodes do.


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