Wednesday, January 07, 2009

House Season 1 Episode 3: Occam's Razor

And we start with a kid calling in sick from work. Really, he's in bed with his girlfriend. But he does keep saying he has a cough. And then his girlfriend screws his brains out, which sucks the life out of him, giving us our patient of the week. Lesson, women are all succubi.

Opening credits.

And the girlfriend is staying at bedside with the boy, while Wilson tries to talk House into taking the patient. House, of course, takes it. He wants patients with difficult to solve illnesses, he's just too lazy to look for them.

Let's check the white board: Fever, cough, nausea, rash, low BP, and Abd pain. Have you solved it yet?

Chase is checking to see if the male patient is pregnant. In the chest.

Cuddy appears, and makes fun of House's limp.

House vs the Clinic. The whole clinic. "Maybe I'm too stoned to tell." Heh heh

Girlfriend is scared she banged him sick. See? It's true.

House vs Clinic Patient #1: House helps the woman out by letting her ride her insurance since she's being canned.

Antibiotics are killing the patient. What does it mean? Terrible CGI!

OK, class, add "Kidney Failure" to your white boards. Figure it out now?

Wrong guess #1: Sinus infection and Hypothyroidism

Oh no, parents! At least they can't make decisions for him.

Foreman whines about House. I bet he also never believed in Santa Claus.

Setting up for far in the future. Chase is hot for Cameron.

House vs Clinic Patients #2: House calls for a consult from Cuddy over a man with a sore throat. He has a sore throat.

"Smugness is easier to maintain." House explains why he treats the doctors under him like crap. So they want to work harder.

House vs Clinic Patients #3: Cuddy sends Wilson for the consult. Her leg hurts after running six miles. What could it be? While they wait, they play Metroid.

Cameron tortures Chase by talking about sex some more. And eventually, they will see what it feels like together, but not anytime soon.

They take him to a clean room. And Chase strips him naked. Hey kid, just a hint, if Chase drops the soap, don't bend over to pick it up.

House mentions pulling a toy car out of a nose, foreshadowing for a future episode. Wilson asks "You have a thing for her (Cuddy)?" Eventually, House will fall for Cuddy, big time. He then gets Wilson to order him Vicodin, which gives House an, oh wait, he's just staring at the white board.

Wrong guess #2: Gout. He doesn't have gout, House already knew that. But he had gout medication, as a mistake for his cough medication.

Correct guess: The medication did it!

Now, House has to prove it. The Pharmacist won't admit he made a mistake.

So, they decide to check for lymphoma. And the patient dies. Wouldn't be a House episode without a resurrection.

House vs Clinic Patient #4: Patient has an MP3 player inserted into his rear. House checks out to let Cuddy fix it.

House figures it's from the kid taking Xstacy. Back to the medication doing it. The patient admits to doing the X, and he gets better immediately.

And as House looks for the reason the kid got sick, the kid admits the pills he now has for the cough have a letter on them when the old pills did not. Meanwhile, House finds the pills that poisoned the kid, and can rest easy.

Credits. "That's some bad hat, Harry."


A stronger episode than the last, as each episode so far has gotten better than the last. The actors have all become comfortable with their character, Cuddy actually gets a few scenes, we get to to see House and Wilson actually just hanging out in House's office, and the patient doesn't threaten to leave right before House finds the cure. Also, another thing I liked in this episode is that they did not end up throwing diagnoses at the wall over and over until House finally came up with the solution. Instead, he threw one possible solution out there to start treatment on, while he continued to think of what it might also be.

You can still feel the early series jutters a bit, but the show has grounded itself much more by this episode, keeping away from more of the gimmicks that it started with Another fine episode.


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