Sunday, February 08, 2009

Death Note 2

First lesson of this movie, turn on the subtitles. I only missed the first few lines of the movie before I could tell what was going on.

The second lesson is that just because you have a computer doesn't mean you should be doing CGI. The CGI in the movie is terrible. It made me wish for the days of Last Starfighter's special effects. Silly Japanese.

Third, it seems if you don't see the first movie, you might not understand exactly what is going on. I had no clue until I pieced it together about halfway through. At least they give the rules of the Death Note at the beginning. So you may not understand who is who, but we can at least understand what the notebook can do.

Finally, it's not actually a bad movie. The movie is able to ramp up some tension, even when you know who Kira, the killer is, and who the police are. Yet the game of cat and mouse is fun, and the plans against each other are fun to see as well.


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