Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Taste of Things to Come: You Can Buy THAT For a Dollar

This is a small part of an idea. This part will be dedicated to entertainment that can be picked up for the low low price of $1!

Return of the Street Fighter

Sonny Chiba returns as Takuma “Terry” Tsuguri, an assassin for hire, who won’t kill a fellow martial artist. The events of which lead Tsuguri on a non-stop fight for his life and set in motion plans for the Mafia to rule all of Asia. Tsurugi must murder his way to the top in order to survive. But there are shocks along the way, like the villain of the original movie survived having his throat ripped out and now has an electronic throat. Then again, Tsuguri should have died at the end of the original, so who can complain? Lots of martial arts and violence hold the film together while the story is at least somewhat put together. And Chiba is great as always.

Is it in widescreen? YES!

Subbed or dubbed? Dubbed.

Great Kills: -Tsurugi in handcuffs uses two of his fingers to stab a man in the neck. The man lives, but will never speak again. -Tsurugi punches a man in the back of the head, making his eyeballs pop out. -A woman having sex with Tsurugi attempts to kill him. He bends her arm the wrong way, and participates in more anti-feminism.

Bad Dub: It sometimes sounds like they fired one Tsurugi voice midway through and hired another. Unfortunately, they didn’t record the English track in order.

Annoying female sidekick: Yes there is a female sidekick. Yes, she is annoying, very annoying. It’s not until the end, when she gets rid of that stupid hairstyle, that you feel something for her. Otherwise, she feels like a character used just for laughs.

Alcohol cures everything: Waking up from a half dead sleep, Chiba drinks a bottle of whiskey and spits it on his wounds, healing himself to full power.

What’s in a name? The case says “Sony Chiba” plays “Takuma Tsurugi”. The credits at the end of the movie say “Sonny Chiba as Terry Sugury”. IMDB says “Takuma ‘Terry’ Tsurugi”. Everyone in the movie calls him either Terry, or Tsurugi.

Great Racist Quotes: “You’re just another slant eyed Jap.” “Away from the yellow skinned dog.” “They had an idea, to take over the whole lousy yellow hemisphere.”

It’s a dollar. It’s a fun little martial arts flick that features some cheesy American dialogue and fun action sequences. Overall, pretty good for some martial arts. And the story itself isn’t half bad as well.


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