Friday, February 12, 2010

From π to Zack and Miri: Part 13: 24 Season 1 9:00AM-10:00AM

Jack Bauer continues the hunt for his wife and daughter and the mastermind (yeah, right) behind framing him for the attempted assassination of Senator David Palmer. Teri, now armed with a cell phone, calls Nina and they start a trace. Jack gets in on the call to tell everyone how much he loves them. (But not that bitch Nina anymore.) The cell phone dies and the bad guy finds it, but decides not to tell Gaines he had it stolen, since he is an idiot. The first Drazen appears flying on a plane. CTU gets told tha Alberta Green will replace Jack as head. Jack gets information on Ted Coffel and kidnaps him in the limousine. Oh, and Teri has her first bout of morning sickness.

Jack hot wires a car. He sets off a fire alarm.  He steals a limo. He would rather spend more time talking to his family while under a car than escape from the police. But the police never bother to look under the cars in the parking lot, nor do they notice him drive out of the parking lot while they look for him.

Kim is given one job, watch out for bad guys. Which she never actually does. Thankfully, the bad guys are loud and they can hide the cell phone.

Jamey dies in this episode from her self-inflicted injuries sustained in the previous episode.



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