Thursday, February 04, 2010

From π to Zack and Miri: Part 9: 24 Season 1 5:00AM-6:00AM

Janet, after flat lining, comes back, and is said to be fine. Jack arrives at the hospital to reunite with Teri briefly. David "One more Major League joke and I will send Bob to kill you" Palmer is angry over the fact that everyone knew about what his son did except for him. Such a close family, keeping secrets from the man who would be the most powerful man in the world! (Once he learns to hit a curve ball.) Mike Novick makes his first appearance, consoling Palmer over the fact that he's oblivious. Gaines calls Jack and uses Kim to force Jack to follow his orders. "Alan" goes to Janet's room and kills Janet. Milo is called in to help with the key card, marking Milo's first appearance. The sun finally rises. And Nina calls Teri and tells her to tell Jack the body belongs to Alan Yorke. But if Alan is dead, then who is in the car with her? Beep Boop Beep Boop.

A strong set up episode for the rest of the current storyline. Jack has to go against CTU and the government to protect his family. And we get more of this set up next week. 

Dead Janet: Flat lines. Has her air cut from her oxygen mask by her fake dad. Dies.

Jack Moments: Steals a helicopter to go to the hospital. Attacks a man carrying a briefcase in the hospital.

Kim Moments of Stupidity: Helps Rick bury Dan. Is left alone to dig the grave.

Body Count:

Bauer: 0     Bad Guys: 1

Season Total:

Bauer: 2     Bad Guys: 264



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