Sunday, February 07, 2010

From π to Zack and Miri: Part 10: 24 Season 1 6:00AM-7:00AM

This episode marks another first, as it is the first time Jack utters the works "I will kill you". Unlike later on, this is said in a quiet voice, as Jack is saying it to Nina. The fake photographer prepares for the assassination. Jack follows Gaines' orders and heads to CTU. No one at CTU is suspicious of Jack, since I guess he randomly walks around the office talking to himself with his finger pressed to his ear. Nothing suspicious about that at all. Jack kidnaps Nina and throws a jacket on her. Teri escapes from "Alan" and winds up knocking him out and tying him up. But when she calls CTU Jamey answers because Nina is out with Jack. Teri gets jealous, figuring they are having sex again and plots to kill Pa- oh wait, that's not what happens. What happens is Jamey says she is sending CTU agents to pick up "Alan". But, when the agents arrive, they turn out to be bad guys, and we find out Jamey was the mole all along! Of course, I will get back to this later. Gaines has Jack drive outside of LA, and has him shoot Nina. Jack shoots Nina and she falls down a hill. Dead? No! Jack was smart enough to put a flak jacket on her and Nina gets up alive. Of course, if Jack would have just killed her, he would have saved himself from the heartache at the end of the season, but Jack can't think past each hour.

OK, so Jamey is Gaines' mole. So, why couldn't she have just deleted the information on the key card when she first had it? Why do we need Jack to go back and get the key card, making everyone in CTU suspicious of him? Once again, Gaines has a plan that is far too complex. And when we find out what the actual plan is, we have to wonder why not just do it an easier way?

Dead Janet: Still dead.

Jack Moments: Jack steals the key card from under Milo's nose. He kidnaps Nina. He says "I will kill you."

Kim Moments of Stupidity: She fakes a rape with Rick, which ends up causing bad things later. When she fake escapes, she doesn't bother to lock the door behind her. If someone looked, they would have known she was gone without going in. She stops her escape and heads back to the shack to stay kidnapped.

Body Count:

Bauer: 0     Bad Guys: 0

Season Total:

Bauer: 2     Bad Guys: 264



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