Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Taste of Things to Come: Parody

Bling Justice – This Fall From FOX

This fall, see a whole new side to the law, with the premiere of the most daring cop show ever.

When rap superstar Jiggly Puff is gunned down exiting an arena after a concert, his life seemed all but over. But through the power of his own will and determination, he not only survived, but recovered. With his vocal cords damaged, making fulltime rapping impossible, he had two choices: Either join a gang to get revenge, or use this experience for something good. Deciding to take his anger and mold it into a force for good he enrolled in police academy, eventually becoming a police officer, and then a detective.

Now, Detective Jiggly Puff wears his bling on the streets, using his knowledge and experience to help get into the seedy underside of gang culture. While he uses his badge to dispense justice to all who break the law. And with the occasional rap, Detective Jiggly Puff is ready to bring about his own kind of justice. BLING JUSTICE!


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