Monday, February 21, 2005

In Memoriam

One of the big dogs in journalism and writing has passed away. A man known for his unflinching looks and criticisms at everything and anything around him. He was not afraid to show his own failings. In fact, he reveled in them. Through a drug induced haze and a genius bordering on insanity, he built a legend that will live forever on.

Hunter S. Thompson was a man unlike any other. When journalism was supposed to be about being as unbiased as possible, he threw himself full tilt into his stories. He was as much a part of any piece he wrote as were the subjects. He was a unique voice, calling out that this was happening to him, and not to some stranger he would never know. He brought a personalized style to journalism, creating a strange combination of journalism, and auto-biography. And in there he defined a new style of journalism. Gonzo.

But while the gonzo journalism has drifted about as a mere shadow of Thompson, his own tales will live on. A man who was willing to go anywhere and do anything, he was never afraid to admit it. And we should never be afraid to do such things either. He deserves our appreciation, and studying on his unique style. A style which many have tried to copy, but none have been able to master.

HST, this one’s for you.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Headline: Superbowl to Feature Two Teams!

In a special Ap new bulletin, we have been given information that the upcoming Superbowl will feature not one, but two teams battling for the grid iron glory. In what is sure to be a first, the game will be played with a oblong ball with laces on one side and feature the ball being handed to players and passed through the air. There might even be the possibility of kicking. The NFL would not comment on these rumors as of press time. We did find one excited online fan.

"The Packers r0xx0rs!" said the fan. When told that the Packers would not be in the game, he promptly thre himself off of an overpass.

So, enjoy the game tonight!