Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From π to Zack and Miri: Part 17: 24 Season 1 1:00PM-2:00PM

Kim and Teri are escorted to a hospital, while CTU takes Jack into custody. The fallout from the first thirteen hours of the season continues. The angel Castiel kills the rest of Gaines' men, including Kevin Carroll. Palmer believes Jack is blaming him for the Drazen incident. Actually, it's the Drazens blaming both of them. One of Palmer's staff is sleeping with Castiel, because of his angelic radiance. Palmer arrives at CTU to talk to Jack.

A talky episode. This is all about the fallout of the first half of the season. Jack is held in custody and questioned the entire hour. Teri and Kim spend the hour in the hospital being examined, joined by Nina to watch over them. And Palmer digs into the whys for the events of the day. It is more setting up the players for the rest of the day, as well as providing filler as the creators of the show realized they still have a lot of episodes left to go.



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