Saturday, June 11, 2005


THQ Signs New Licensed Game

After the news and footage of the Godfather and Scarface games, comes news of another movie being turned into a game license. In a Weekends Don’t Suck exclusive, we have learned that THQ will be producing a game based off of the hit movie Sudeways. The game, which will feature the voice talent of Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church returning to their roles, will follow the two friends as they tour wine country, tasting drinks and chasing women.

The main focus of the game will be on the wine tasting aspect. You must use your controller to swirl, sniff, and sip. The difficulty of said actions will be determined by the quality of the wine being tasted. Early reports indicate that the main controls will be using both analogue sticks, in order to properly simulate the motions of the glasses. Other portions of the game will include deciphering the ingredients used in the wine, driving from winery to winery, and as Chruch’s character, hitting on women.

One of the unique factors in the game is the variety of game play. While the wine tasting may take up the majority of game play, the driving portions will be just as important. And as it gets later in the day, and you have visited more wineries, the driving will get much more important and difficult. The other different game play will involve using your charm and knowledge to get laid one last time. This will involve picking the right phrases to say, doing specific movements at certain times, and knowing which women to hit on. Just make sure no one finds out about your upcoming marriage.

What follows is a portion of the press release:

“Travel from winery to winery, searching for the best wine in the West Coast. Taste test from the best wines made. Use your knowledge to discern ingredients and impress women. And search for that one last fling. Enjoy all of this, and more, in Sideways, the game.”


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